Formal Style Tips: What You Need To Know Before Your Appointment

Proms, weddings, and other formal events call for a special hair day! There are many questions I receive from clients before their big day. Here are some common Q and A's. 

Should my hair be dirty? 
Not really. 
In the past, dirty hair was ideal so the hair wouldn't be too soft to work with from a fresh shampoo and condition. Now, there are many products on the market that your stylist can use to grit up the hair to make it more workable. 
My suggestion would be to use a light or volumizing shampoo and conditioner, and blowdry with a light gel and volumizing mousse. 
You should arrive to your hair appointment with DRY hair. Your stylist has set aside time for forming an up-style, not a full blowout. 

What should I wear to my appointment?
A button up shirt is best, or a top with a wide neck line. The important thing is to wear a top that can be easily removed without harming your hairstyle.

Should I bring a picture of the styles I like? 
Keep in mind that your hair may be much different than the person in the picture. Try to find a shape you like, your stylist can then customize that designs shape to your individual needs. 

Should I bring my friends and family to the appointment? 
Probably not. 
If it's your wedding day, and your party is getting their hair done at the salon also, then obviously yes. Having an audience entitles them to share their opinions and tastes with you and your stylist. If you are confident in the style you chose, it's best not open up the opinions of your loved ones. You also don't want your loved ones crowding around your stylist as he or she is trying to create your special style. 

Should I do my makeup before or after I get my hair done? 
It's best to get your makeup done before your formal style. This prevents your hair from getting moved around too much before your event. 

Are there any hair products I should take to the event? 
Yes! ColorProof's HumidtyRx.
This acts as your great hair day shield! Have a can and share it between your group for the day. A must have!   

I hope you enjoyed these tips! If you have any questions before your Formal Style appointment, please ask them in the comment section! As always, have a great hair day! 

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Seasonal Allergies and Your Hair

Happy March! In the southeast, it's our non-official kickoff to spring! It's time for me take down my winter wreath, and purchase a subscription to our local car wash... that yellow pine pollen is coming! Many people have allergies to the variety of pollen that will be flying through our air over the next few months. 

Now, what could our hair have to do with allergy season? 

That pollen is in the air and attaches itself to the first thing it touches. (Which could be your hair!) If that pollen is left on your hair, it puts the pollen right beside your nose and eyes. Yikes! 

Here are some helpful tips. 

Suds Up More Often

Obviously, we don't want pollen on our hair. The best way to get rid of it would be to cleanse the hair.
If your locks are color-treated, shampooing more often sounds like a nightmare for your color. It's important to have a shampoo formulated for color-treated hair. My all-time favorite is ColorProof's ClearItUp detox shampoo. It will gently cleanse your hair of pollen and build up while maintaining and protecting your color! Check it out here

Wear Your Hair Up More 
With the warmer weather, you may be more inclined to wear your hair up anyways. My theory is, if you keep your hair out of your face, it will keep the pollen that may have settled there out of your face as well. Be sure to use soft hair-ties to prevent breakage. And please, NEVER put your hair up while its wet. Thank you! 

Let me know if these tips help you! Don't miss out on future hair tips, stay updated by submitting your email. 

Have a great hair day! 

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Best Place to Buy Professional Hair Products

If you're like me, you LOVE hair products. I love trying new products and switching up my routine. I have used everything from drug store hair products to the top-of-line luxury hair products. There's no doubt that salon quality products are where it's at. But, in 2016 there are many options to where you may purchase professional grade products. So, why should you purchase from your hairstylist? 

Dangers of Using Online Merchants 
Amazon, eBay, all those. Any person can sell any thing on those websites. You may think you found the best deal online, but you may be purchasing fraudulent product, old product, or product that has been tampered with. These products are not direct from the manufacturer. 

For example, Salon Studio 53 in Texas had to close. The owner has this huge stock of retail product left over. She could sell it on Amazon to gain some income, but she stores the product in her hot garage. Those products are no longer what the manufacturer created them to be. Product can separate and go bad when it's exposed to harsh elements or sitting over long lengths of time. That's not worth saving $2. 

Personalized Product Prescription
Your stylist knows a lot about you, and even more about your hair. Your stylist can give you a personalized product routine that will work best for your lifestyle, hair type, and budget. Your stylist can even show you exactly how to use it. (You can't get that in the product isle at Target.) Don't be afraid to ask questions! The best way to have a great hair day, everyday is to style your hair with the same methods as your stylist. It's like taking your stylist home with you! (Which is what everyone wants!) 

Supporting Local Business
You love your stylist! You want them to succeed and do well. When you purchase professional product from your stylist, in many ways it will benefit them. Even if your stylist isn't the salon owner, many salons offer rewards or commissions to the stylist when they sell retail. Also, the salon itself benefits greatly from your purchase. A majority of salons use those retail dollars to make improvements to the salon and offer their stylists continuing education. That enhances your future visits!

So now you know! Your stylist cares greatly about your hair and how it looks outside the salon. After all, you are a walking billboard! Your stylist doesn't suggest products just to make a quick buck, but for you to use as support material for your unique look. Be mindful of where you purchase, and be sure your hard earned dollars go where you want. 

Have a great hair day!   


Real-Life Tips For Growing Your Hair Longer and Stronger

Yep, that's me! A headshot from last January and a selfie from this month. That is the amount my hair has grown in 12 months. I went from a short crop to long bob that now can proudly fit into a ponytail.

You may be thinking... wow, that's not a miracle story. It took a year for your hair to graze your shoulders. That's where the 'Real-Life' comes to play! Hair grows on average half an inch per month. That's only six inches a year! 

Here are my real life tips for growing your hair longer and stronger:


Yeah, that whole hair grows six inches a year, takes patience. Lots of patience. You will probably hate your hair most mornings. But, you will push through and be strong. You'll find a way to make an awkward-in-between-style look good. A fun shade of lipstick helps. Ha! 

Regular Trims
Seems counter productive, right? It's not. You will be dying to sit in your stylists chair to 'just do something with it!'. Reshaping may cause you to loose length in the back, but hey... at least you won't have a mullet. You're welcome. Also, split ends keep splitting until that hair strand falls apart. Yikes! So, trim it before it trims itself!


Healthy Diet
Whatever you put in your body comes out in your hair. If you eat well, take your vitamins and life an overall healthy lifestyle, your hair will be resiliently strong. Biotin, the oh so popular hair vitamin, helps your hair grow healthier. (Wait.. not faster? No. Not faster. Healthier.)

Proper Home Care
This is huge. If you're trying to make your hair grow longer and stronger, you have to take care of it mechanically. Quality products are important. My favorite for someone in this situation is ColorProof's Baobab Heal and Repair Shampoo + Condition + Leave-In Treatment. They recently developed the SuperRich Split End Mender. Wholly cow! The answer to my hair goal prayers! These products heal and protect your hair from damage.  

Use these helpful tips to grow your hair longer and stronger! Be sure to subscribe to have new Great Hair Days posts sent your email! 

As always, have a great hair day! 

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How-To: Candy Cane Curls

Need a festive styling tip? Try out these "Candy Cane" Curls! 

It's simple, wrap your hair around your favorite curling iron or wand so that your hair looks like the stripe on a candy cane! The result is a soft, simple curl. Top it off with ColorProof TextureCharge and you're ready for family photos! Merry Christmas! 


What Is Your Hair Telling You?

Is your hair trying to tell you something? Hair needs a perfect balance of nutrients to be healthy and behave. Your hair can give you clues as to which nutrients you should focus on. 

We can add nutrients to our hair by eating healthy, drinking lots of water and taking vitamins. But sometimes our hair seems to be lacking something. Another way to add nutrients is through hair products like shampoos, conditioners,and treatments. 

Here are some tell tale symptoms and quick fixes:

My hair dries really fast and I fight static. 
Your hair is dry! A moisturizing shampoo and condition would help. Also, use a weekly deep moisturizing treatment until you notice improvement. 

Product Picks: 
- Usual: SuperRich Shampoo + Daily Intensive Moisture Treatment
- Weekly: DeepQuench Moisture Masque 
- Styling: Extreme Shine Treatment Oil or WickedGood Shine Spray  

My hair takes forever to dry and it's dull. 
Your hair needs protein! When your hair lacks protein, it can take longer than usual to dry. It's best to use a restorative shampoo and conditioner and a leave-in treatment when styling. 

Product Picks:
- Usual: Alternate ClearItUp Detox Shampoo + Baobab Shampoo Follow With Baobab Condition 
- Weekly: CrazySmooth Treatment Masque 
- Styling: Plush Locks Leave-In Smooth or Baobab Leave-In Treatment 

My hair is flat and life-less. 
Your hair needs a boost! A weekly clarifying treatment along with using a volumizing system will be your best bet. Hair can flatten from product build up, mineral build up from your water, or environmental build up from things like cigarette smoke and exhaust. 

Product Picks: 
- Usual: SuperPlump Shampoo + Condition 
- Weekly: ClearItUp Detox Shampoo
- Styling: LiftIt Foam Mousse 

This is the most complained about hair woe. Frizzy hair needs oil to weigh it down, but you also don't want oily hair. The trick it to find the perfect balance of oil weight. A product with anti-humidity ingredients is where it's at. It's best to not suds up every day. Your natural oils are the best for fighting frizz.  

Product Picks:
- Usual: CrazySmooth Shampoo + Conditioner
- Weekly: CrazySmooth Treatment Masque 
- Styling: RadicallySmooth + HumidityRx 

Oily scalp.
Ah yes, over-achieving oil glands. Your cure is a balancing or light clarifying shampoo followed my a light conditioner. 

Product Picks:
- Usual: ClearItUp Detox Shampoo + SuperPlump Condition or PureRelease Detangle Spray
- Styling: DrySpell Dry Shampoo (Even after you freshly shampooed! The dry shampoo will soak up any oils throughout the day. Also use it before you go to bed to prevent the dreaded grease spot on your pillow.)

What is your hair telling you? Comment below with your hair troubles or questions and I may answer it in the next blog!

My Product Picks are all from ColorProof Evolved Color Care. It is a vegan product line that extends the life of your color.I love it! Check out the link to find it at a salon near you. 

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How To: Make Fashion Colors LAST

So, you decided to take the plunge. You don't want to be just blonde or brunette and basic red isn't your style. No. Not you. You're more of the rainbow, mermaid, unicorn type. You opted for a fashion color. 

You sit for hours at the salon, lifting out old hair color or lightening your natural. Your tresses get blow dried, then the mystical bold colors come out.. now you're getting excited. 

Finally, you have the end result! A fun, bright, no-one-has-time-for-boring-hair, hair color! But, fashion colors are typically direct dyes. That means, the color molecule doesn't mix with your natural hair color like permanent dyes do. It rests on the cuticle layer. This is why your stylist has to 'pre-lighten' your strands. Pre-lightening opens up the cuticle so the direct dye can stick to the hair. After your color process, it important to keep the cuticle shut down so the direct dye molecules can't escape. 

If you go home and treat your hair like it was natural, you may end up stripping your hair of all that hard work and money! Here are a few tips to keep your color fresh! 
1) When you wash, only use COLD water. Hot water opens up the cuticle and your color will go right down the drain. 
2) Shampoo with sulfate-free, salt-free shampoos. I highly suggest ColorProof's Baobab Shampoo and Condition . This system is so gentle, and strengthens your hair. (Remember, your stylist pre-lightened your hair. You need to replace proteins and moisture that is lost!) 

3) Only shampoo when you NEED to. Even with the best shampoo, each time you lather up, a little bit of your color comes out. (Watch out for your light colored towels and pillow cases.. they make become as colorful as your hair.) But, don't think you have to walk around with dirty, stinky, colorful hair. Dry shampoo will become your best friend. I like ColorProof's Dry Spell ColorProtect Dry Shampoo. You'll fall in love with it because it doesn't leave a powdery residue. It also protects your color from fading! 

4) Every time you use a hot tool (blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron... etc.) use a heat protector! Heat opens up the cuticle. I have seen color literally disappear after one pass of the flat iron.

5) Find fun ways to show off your color. Dirty hair make great up style hair! Use that to your advantage.  

6) It's important to blow dry your hair after you get it wet. If you hair is left to dry from its wet state, the water fills up with pigments and can stain your skin, clothes, and anything else it touches. Good news, by using a heat protector while blow drying, you will be sealing in your color! 

Long live your color and many great hair days to you! 

Here's some Fashion Color Inspiration:

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